Presentation of A Lymph’s Life project!

A long awaited presentation.

Presentation of A Lymph's Life now in english!

Infection! After three years publishing the comic in Spain, we are pleased to present the English edition of A Lymph’s Life!

Three years ago the first comic strip of A Lymph’s Life appeared in Spanish. It was the first of an ongoing project full of cells, war, teenager stuff and more than anything, immunology. Today we are proud to present the English version of A Lymph’s Life!

It all started as a comic that tried to be entertaining while teaching immunology in an easy way. Immunology is a subject that is present in almost every single body process, and is gaining importance everyday. However, it can be incredibly dense and frustrating to understand, and even experts find it hard sometimes. So, the idea was to introduce important immunological concepts while the plot unfolds .

Slow but steady:

The project has been steadily growing in Spain. We prepared some immunology talks with animations and started going to schools, scientific events and lately we have even started to participate in conferences. We contribute regularly to the Spanish Immunology Society Magazine, and created a course in comic form about Immunotherapy for the Spanish Melanoma Group. So things aren’t going bad.

Immunology Talks by A Lymph's Life

Our main characters come to life on the screen in our animated Immunology Talks!

However, we have been told many times that the growth of this project could hit a wall unless we considered translating it into English. So here we are! This is the official presentation of A Lymph’s Life – English version!

With the help of our translator Ultan Cronin, we’ll start publishing the comic in English from the very first strip. Every month we will publish a new update!

How to navigate the comic:

Translation of the Lymphoid Proverbs at the footer.

You can learn a lot about lymphoid ancient wisdom if you take a look at the page footer.

Every strip comes with a short explanation of what’s going on in the comic, so that while the whole plot evolves, more concepts and ideas related to immunology are introduced. Although the subject matter will progressively grow more complex, you can always find out what every cell does and the basic concepts of immunology in the Dramatis Personae and The Basics sections respectively.

We are open to any question that you might have about immunology, so if your mind is boiling with doubts you can always write to us on the Contact page and the answers will be published in the Ask Us section.

And if you are curious about the disturbed minds that started up this project, you can always visit the About Us section.

Translation, flags

You can easily change the language any moment you like by clicking on the flags at the top right.

Finally, if you seek immunological wisdom, you can read random lymphoid quotes on the page footer.

Remember that you can change the language any moment you like by clicking on the flags at the top right.

So that’s it! We hope that you enjoy our work!

See you next month!

What do you think of the comic?

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