About this

Welcome to A Lymph’s Life, a comico-scientific or scientific-comic (depending on how you see it) blog written by two scientists (young, dapper and admittedly somewhat unorthodox) who firmly believe that science is not just for a select few — that everyone can get a kick out of it.

In this blog we will try to explain the workings of the immune system (the thing that protects us from infections) in a manner very different from what you normally come across. In spite of the fact that immunology is a relatively complicated branch of science, replete with jargon that might be confusing for those who haven’t studied it in depth, we truly believe that anybody can find the subject fascinating — if they come at it from the correct angle.

Each time we come into contact with a virus or bacterium, an enthralling drama plays out inside our bodies, and this drama deserves telling. If we could only see what happens during an infection, it would be like the most action-packed war movie ever.

We would find two armies locked in combat, struggling to conquer new territories; danger, action, epic battles, soldiers, spies and heroes who gives their lives for the cause of victory.

Not even Hollywood’s finest screenwriters can imagine the titanic struggles that rage inside of us every day.

And that’s how we want to tell it. We will learn how the immune system works, why we use antibiotics — and why we shouldn’t use them in certain cases. We will understand what vaccines are, how they have helped us eradicate a number of diseases and why the recent anti-vaccine movement is so dangerous. We will also discover that the immune system is so powerful that it can even eliminate tumors . . .

To some of you it may come as a surprise that as scientists we do not dedicate ourselves to preaching the benefits of active Bifidus, toothpaste containing ultra-whitening nanospheres, or anti-aging creams laced with DNA, oxygen and fruit acids. (Actually, we don’t know what the heck fruit acids are. And no: we do not think it’s a good idea to lather yourself in slime from snails, fundamentally because it serves no purpose, but also because it’s gross.)

We will be the scientists who do not recommend what ninety percent of the rest try to sell you. Our only objective is to show that science doesn’t have to be boring.

If you like adventure stories and comics, this is your blog. If you have a passion for science, you’ll also find a home here.