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Immunology talks with animations

A Lymph’s Life brings immunology to wherever you might be!!

Giving the lowdown on arthritis to workers at Rubió Pharma.

In March 2014 we kicked off giving Immunology Talks in schools, at special events and even in labs. In these sessions we present the basic concepts of the immune system and sneakily introduce advanced ideas in a simple manner — all with the help of our very own animated cartoons.

Basic content of the talks

We give a presentation of approximately one hour (including time for questions), during which we talk about basic concepts in immunology. The presentation is structured in the following way:

Part 1: The Dramatic Story of an Infection

At the IES Alpajés de Aranjuez wearing a NK cell T-Shirt.

We talk about the basic organs of the immune system; how and where immune cells originate and how they behave in the wake of an infection, be it bacterial or viral.

Part 2: Autoimmunity

What is autoimmunity? How does the body avoid attacking itself? What happens when the immune systems gets out of control?

Part 3: Immunity and Cancer

How does the body differentiate between healthy cells and cancer cells? What does the immune system do when a tumor appears? How do cancer cells hide from the immune system?

Workshops to complement talks

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL FOLKS! Talks can be complemented with one of two workshops, depending on available time and the particular subject of a talk:

Workshop 1 (15 min): A second look at the immune system using immune cell trump cards

The cards that the kids will be dealt in the workshop!

We deal out some special cards to the kids — trump cards showing the basic information about the immune system that they have already come across in the talk.
Using animated cartoons, we put some real-life cases to the kids and they use the cards to discuss how the immune system might respond. This is a good workshop for reinforcing concepts.

Workshop 2 (30 min): Antibody-production workshop using LEGO:

The design of the antibodies that the children have to put together under the threat of apoptosis!

Each child is given some LEGO, which they place on the skin of a B-lymphocyte in order to generate their own immunoglobulin. Through this workshop the concepts of antibody repertoire, how we avoid autoimmunity, and lymphocyte selection are introduced and explored. All of this is accompanied by our usual sequence of cartoons, which help the kids to grasp the details of the processes under discussion and reinforce the concepts we introduce.

Maximum concentration to avoid being destroyed by the bone marrow stroma!

Visual/diagrammatic backup for the talks

We have six posters on the general Immune System which can be used to reinforce concepts or can be put on display in the run-up to a talk.

Poster A Lymphs Life

We don’t just give talks in schools — we’ve also been hosted by:

You can contact us, request information or book a talk using our contact page.

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